Butterfly Collection II

Inspired by the natural beauty of butterflies, I employ various fiber techniques to create lusciously colored textile designs. From weaving large hand-dyed magnifications, to sewing fabric scraps mimicing microscopic wing scales.


Butterfly Collection I

The knitted butterfly collection focus on the beautiful geometric shapes found on butterfly wings, such as the veins and eyespots. Through observing butterflies’ specimens, the delicacy and softness of the wings remind me of the warmth and texture of knitting. Which inspired this collection.


Glitch Echo

Echo weave, 2023


Folded Butterfly

Double weave, Warp painting, 2023

When butterflies are resting, they stay in a folding position that hide the bright colors on the front side of thier wings. Inspired by that, I painted wings on two warps in different colors, and used double weave method to create “windows” which appeared in this woven work.


Thermal Butterfly

Warp painting, 2023

I know what a person looks like on a thermal camera, but I wonder what a butterfly looks like. I painted these colors with my imagination, and compared the colors of the virtual thermal wing and an original wing.



Warp painting, 2022

When I see a beautiful butterfly, I always want to zoom in on its tiny wings to look at it more clearly. So I enlarged the patterns of butterfly wings, painted them on the warp, and wove them with three different drafts. I enjoy the process of the wings on the warp being woven, and it is also exciting to make the wings in the woven texture.